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"Working with Noa has completely changed my life. When I first reached out to Noa, I was in the middle of a divorce, working as a single mom with young kids and suffering in a miserable job. My nerves were so high strung in our in our early sessions that it was difficult for me to sit still. Yet within a short time of applying Noa’s brilliant and practical guidance I found enough relief and confidence to transform my life entirely. I now have an amazing job. I’m in love with an incredible boyfriend and more alive and at peace than I can ever remember. Believe me when I say that Noa saved me and brought me back to life. I guarantee with a 100% certainty that working with Noa is the greatest investment you can make for your present and future self. Thank you." Pamela, 41

"Noa Shaw is a unicorn—one of those one in a million people you meet who instantly connects with you, and who ultimately has your best interest at heart. I first walked into Noa's Soul Cycle class seven years ago, and I immediately knew he was different. He was funny and warm, and he lead an incredibly fun workout—but it was so much more than that. He provided the Soul to the Cycle, making sure everyone in the room was connected to their breath, and most importantly, in the moment. He would say, "What time is it? NOW," allowing everyone to focus on that second, in that room—stressing how nothing else at that very moment mattered. Addiction-wise, he has been to hell and back, always super transparent about his flaws and hardships—making him relatable to everyone he comes across. He's not perfect, but he is perfectly himself. He wants everyone to be comfortable in their own skin. Throughout my struggle with infertility, I went to Noa's classes regularly as both an intense physical workout and a much-needed mental release. He taught me about gratitude and kindness. He changed my perspective. When I finally got pregnant with my son, I continued to ride, and Noa was with me every step of the way. He walks the walk, too. He's one of the most generous people I've met. He is an extraordinary coach, a powerful life force, and an amazingly supportive friend." Alison, 42

"It is amazing to be able to look back and pinpoint the period in my life when I began to believe in myself again. That time period began when I started working with Noa. When I first reached out to him, it was during a time in my life when I was feeling helpless and very much alone. I was early in my road to sobriety and filled with such shame and anger that there was something within myself that I could not control. Within a few sessions of working with him, I began to rediscover my self worth. He not only listened but he understood. His openness about his own struggles with depression and addiction made me feel seen in a way no therapist ever has. Noa practices what he preaches with directness, humor and an abundance of love. I am forever grateful that I reached out to Noa when I did. He taught me that while life can be hard and not always fair, it can be incredibly beautiful. With Noa’s guidance, I gained the willingness needed to put in the hard work and begin to reach my full potential." Leslie, 33


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