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Born in 1963 in the Bronx, Noa moved with his family multiple times before finally settling in Connecticut when he was 14.  By this time, he had already been drinking for four years.  And he had already attended 9 different schools, many of which he was kicked out of.  Despite the unwavering love of his family, Noa never felt comfortable in his own skin — he never fit in with the other kids; he always felt inadequate when he compared himself to everyone around him; and he was constantly trying to escape himself.  His life was on a dark and destructive downward spiral that endured for years and felt impossible to reverse.  But nothing is impossible.  And after multiple fights, blackouts, car crashes, violence, dead friends, suicide attempts, family tears, failed marriages, empty bank accounts, failed stints in rehab, and brushes with the law, Noa finally found himself asking for help and wanting to change.  


While life has not been a straight path from the bottom, Noa has worked for decades on creating and sustaining a beautiful and rewarding life filled with love, career satisfaction and overall contentment.  He has worked in a number of different industries, including hospitality management (he designed opened and managed Aerosmith’s bar Mama Kin in Boston in the 90’s and Circle Bar in LA in 1998. After leaving hospitality he began working in music video production (he served as First AD on videos with Jennifer Lopez, 50 Cent Mary J. Blige, Missy Elliot, and many others. He then began working as a Case Manager in rehab facilities in LA, including Biet T’Shuva and The 180 Center.  Noa learned early in his sobriety that perhaps one of his greatest innate gifts was his ability to connect with and inspire others to improve their lives.  The ability to help other people is the single greatest asset he has had in helping himself stay sober, stay content and stay in the light.  


By 2011 Noa faced the physical challenge of being extremely overweight.  He was 300 pounds and smoking multiple packs of cigarettes a day.  His doctor cautioned him that if he didn’t change his behavior fast, he was going to drop dead of a massive heart attack.  One day, he randomly walked into a SoulCycle studio on his way into a mall in West Hollywood.  Instead of shopping for underwear, he decided to try a spin class.  Given his physical condition, he was scared he wouldn’t make it through the first class, so he chose a bike closest to the door so the studio staff wouldn’t have to carry him far to get him out of the room if he collapsed.  The room was dark, but he couldn’t hide the overwhelming shame and sadness he felt as he clipped into the bike.  But when the music came on and he started pedaling, something inside him changed — at the very edge of his consciousness was a glimmer of hope.  He hung on to that glimmer with all he had and, slowly, his confidence started to grow.  Few things in life had felt as satisfying to Noa as finishing that first class.  So he went back the next day.  And then the next.  And then again the day after that.  Soon he was completely hooked — taking this spin class multiple times a day — at first in the far corner of the back row, and then eventually front and center, and then eventually on the podium leading the class.  


SoulCycle quickly became a sanctuary, and eventually it became a job.  Within a year, Noa was on a plane heading back to New York to train to become an instructor.  Seven years later, he gets to use his classes as a platform to continue doing the work that’s always sustained him — helping people work through their issues and inspiring them to improve their lives and achieve their goals, whether it be physically, mentally or spiritually. 


Noa’s life coaching work extends his mental and spiritual coaching beyond the walls of his workout classes.


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